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"From the window of my Teleferique cabin"

From a pioneering venture in 1965 to a beautifully preserved modern-day attraction, The Teleperique of Lebanon is one of the oldest and most visited attraction in Lebanon. The Tour starts in the Maameltein area near Beirut City and takes you in 9 minites up to the Harissa mountain where Our Lady of Lebanon towers high above the Mediterranean bay of Jounieh. The slope can go up to 80% !! revealing slowly spectacular views over the surrounding landscape... (http://www.teleferiquelb.com/)


"Le Phare du Cap Ferret"


Lighthouses were the first way for ships to identify hazardous areas and ports. Today, with modern positioning systems, their use becomes scarce.Thus, there are only few maritime lighthouses that are still in service in the world, Including the one in Cap Ferret, at the entrance of the Bassin d'Arcachon, firing a red glow every five seconds !

The first lighthouse at Cap Ferret was commissioned back in 1840. It operated by petroleum steam and was fitted with a single white fixed light. It was electrified in 1928 and constructed of cut stone. It had a height of 50 meters, 275 steps and a range of about 50 kilometers.

The lighthouse that we see today was rebuilt in 1947 and inaugurated on August 7, 1949. From the top of its 258 steps, the view of the Basin is impregnable: oyster parks, Île aux Oiseaux, the Dune Of the Pilat, the ocean ...(http://phareducapferret.com/)